Start Your Kids Party Planning
1st Focus: B-Day Party Themes!

B-day party themes are crucial to think about for your kids parties. For your birthday party you'll need to get your B-day party planning checklist started with your themes and get focused on this first step to your kids party planning.

This is by far our most important step before we start any preparations for any of our upcoming birthday parties and with 6 kids it feels like we are having birthdays or planning for them all the time.

Planning for a Birthday party really starts 6-8 weeks before the week of the Birthday unless some special party location bookings will be needed.

8 Considerations we use when choosing a birthday party theme:
  • Choose a theme and colors your child will enjoy
  • Make the theme exciting for the Birthday child and their friends
  • Use theme characters, animals, colors, games, activities & foods
  • Think of favorite TV or movie characters & supporting 'sidekicks'
  • Base your party around sports activities of interest
  • Choose a different country as your theme
  • Focus on the circus, zoo, carnival or a desert or jungle adventure
  • Consider an indoor sleepover or an outdoor camp-out

Weave your theme through your preparations for invitations, party foods, games, crafts & activities for the Birthday party. Your goal is to keep your invited guests interested and excited about the party from when they received their invitation to their arrival and until they get picked up.

We have had some really fun and memorable birthday party themes that our kids and their invited guests have really enjoyed. We love using our home as the center for the party and revolve all activities in , through and around our home. Whether we have a High School musical theme with full wall posters or a surprise guest appearance of Buzz lightyear for a toy story and Buzz party. The theme is the plumb-line through the party for decorations, food and activities. We even had a meteor shower back yard search for Buzz light year's squad of space cadets. Lightning McQueen, cars, hot wheels and sports themes have worked great with our boys. Our latest birthday or B-day party themes included superheroes with a family of dressed up supermen and supergirls right around the time Thor, spiderman, the Hulk and the avengers were making the news. Our latest theme went to setting up an afternoon using our city for running our The Amazing Race. The sky really is the limit for the b-day party themes you decide to run with. Let your imagination go wild and enjoy your kids birthday celebration.

You are off to a great start with a focused birthday party theme...

Now you need Birthday Dates For Your Calendar & schedule the party.

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