Birthday Treats & Desserts...
All Yummies For Our Tummies!

Have 2 or 3 different Birthday treats ready for the party. Using small portions has helped us avoid massive food trash. Kids really aren't there for all of the food, they are just so excited to being a part of the party.

A decorated birthday cake is a must of course but we have a few ideas that will help you 'add' to your Birthday desserts repertoire:

Birthday Sweet Ideas:

We always have a couple of cakes for each of our kids birthday parties. I decided a few years ago to make a full portion of our cake from scratch recipe and it turned out it was enough batter to make 2 full birthday cakes and so it is now common to always have 2 cakes. themed cakes with some nice decorating icing is always a big hit with our kids. We would love to add some homemade mini donuts that are held by wooden skewer sticks to a center piece. Slushies, snow cones and soft ice cream straight out of the machine would be a great party treat. Even mini doughnuts or cake balls could be a really great addition to your kids birthday party. Buying the machines themselves would be pretty cool but you could plan ahead a bit and rent these machines for the party also. Ice cream, as you can imagine I think can always work with kids and we have thoroughly enjoyed flavored popcorn and caramelized popcorn balls as a snack platter on its own. Try a few of these birthday treats, choose a few and have some fun at your party.

Enjoy! You will have a great time.

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