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Food For Party Ideas That Work!

We have put together kids parties food ideas that work so you won't have to think about what kids birthday foods you will want to have at your next Birthday celebration. Party snacks and party finger foods have worked great as birthday parties food choices for every one of our kids parties.

Keep in mind when choosing and preparing any kids Birthday food platters that kids can be really picky eaters and some plates of food won't even get touched but devoured at another. We have learned the key to party finger foods is to keep all of the portions small regardless your guests age.

Food For Party Ideas That Work!

  • Tart sized mini pizzas
  • Tasty High Seas Bread Boat Spinach Dip
  • Mini-quiches
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Meatballs and mini-burgers Make in 20 Bake in 20!
  • Vegetable trays with varieties of dips
  • Root vegetable chips
  • Whole wheat crackers with cucumber & cheese cubes
  • Samosas
  • Regular and mini pretzels (warmed & buttered tastes great!)
  • Silver Dollars or seasoned potato wedges
  • Quick Make 'n Bake Homemade Fries
  • Chips, Cheetos, bugles, nachos with dip platters
  • Nachos plate -- peppers, beans, melted cheese & sour cream
  • Make your own Homemade Pizzas & Pockets as a Birthday activity

Whether you buy or make your party platters, a few selections and an extra back-up Birthday food has always helped us 'relax' a bit. We have found that when we work together we can save a lot of time even if we are making burgers, fries and bread boats ourselves. We save on the thinking, planning and running to the store, and apply it to our party preparation. At times we buy frozen mini quiches & pizzas ahead of time. Some other great kids parties food that we like to use are chicken nuggets(bought or homemade), a veggie platter with dip, salty platter with a variety of chips and Cheetos, combination of nuts in a nut bowl, marshmallows and a gummy bowl, and it is always a great hit to have a platter of fruit or even a skewered pineapple center piece. Enjoy the set-up and of course the mmmmmmmmm clean-up.

Take it one step at a time -- we are here to help you through.

Have an enjoyable Birthday Celebration. You'll Do Great!

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